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I’m Selling on! November 13, 2007

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Hi all, it’s me again!  I’ve recently discovered a wonderful website to sell your homemade items on.  It’s called, and it has just got to be one of the neatest websites out there!

Since I love to knit on my looms, and I have a habit of knitting mainly for girls, and well you see I have three little boys!  So this leaves me with a lot of cute hats and scarves and the like, and nothing to do with them.  So, why not become a member of Etsy and try to sell them?

So if you are interested take a look at my shop.  There aren’t a lot of items on there yet, but I am open to suggestions or special orders also.  I hope you like it!  Go look!

Hugs to all!


Fall is In the Air

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Days are getting shorter, the air is crisp and the leaves are falling.  Oh I love Fall!  It is the perfect time to knit and make all things cozy and warm. 

I have slacked a little in my knitting, but intend to make up for that this week.  Some of the projects that I will be working on include:  new pattern for baby ugg boots, a magic scarf, fingerless gloves, and some little boys hats. 

Pretty soon, I will have to begin making all my Christmas gifts also.  Alot of family members will be recieving hats and scarves this holiday season.  Hopefully down here in Texas it will get cold enough to wear them. 

Happy knitting!


My Mother’s Birthday Presents November 1, 2007

Soft Knitted SlippersEar Warmers and Matching Scarf

Well, in one of my posts I mentioned leaving pictures of the presents I knitted for my Mom’s birthday presents.  I made her ear warmers, a matching scarf and really soft and cuddly slippers.  The slippers don’t look great off your feet, but once you slip them on they’re really cute, kinda like clogs.  I love how they feel though, sooooo soft!  The earwarmers are great also, and I think I’ll make myself a couple of pairs, since when I go out I don’t like having a hat on my head messing my hair up!  🙂  And since they are double thickness they keep your ears so warm also!  Let me know what you think! 

Have a wonderful night!


Loving the Yarn Sales and Getting ready for Christmas!

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Santa ScarfBaby Candy Cane Hat and Booties

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, with all the Halloween festivities going on at my children’s school and around the house, I just haven’t found the time! 

I was so excited this afternoon though when my husband agreed to go with me to our local Hobby Lobby.  They were having a 99 cent sale on some of their yarn, and I needed some more to complete some projects that I have in mind.

A lot of their Yarn Bee collections were on sale, and I got a lot of Modea yarn on sale for 71 cents!  Boy was I excited!  Now it’s time for me to get busy working on a ton of Christmas knitting projects, although I’ve gotten two done so far as you see above. 

Oh yeah, it’s holiday time!