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I’m so excited! October 11, 2007

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This is my first blog and I am so excited!  I am a mother of three wonderful little boys, who I now get to stay home with.  Reading books is a passion of mine, and I have always enjoyed writing stories and articles.  One day I hope to write and publish a children’s book.  Anything crafty that I can find to do, I will.  I recently started knitting on looms, simply because my hands just don’t seem coordinated enough to knit with needles.  The looms make knitting things really fun and simple, and some of the items I have made have amazed even myself!  I hope to learn how to do more patterns on the looms and even be brave enough to make my own!  Once I do make my own patterns, I hope to be able to share them with all loom knitters and others alike. 

As for the “bookworm” part, that’s my nickname given to me by my husband.  I would be so happy to be locked in a bookstore for a few days!  Give me a book and I will read it, doesn’t matter what type of book it is!  I could probably spend all our money buying books, and part of my downfall is that I read so quickly. 

 Well, I’m off to read to the boys, then put them in bed to get ready for another day of fun.  Happy reading and crafting folks!