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My Mother’s Birthday Presents November 1, 2007

Soft Knitted SlippersEar Warmers and Matching Scarf

Well, in one of my posts I mentioned leaving pictures of the presents I knitted for my Mom’s birthday presents.  I made her ear warmers, a matching scarf and really soft and cuddly slippers.  The slippers don’t look great off your feet, but once you slip them on they’re really cute, kinda like clogs.  I love how they feel though, sooooo soft!  The earwarmers are great also, and I think I’ll make myself a couple of pairs, since when I go out I don’t like having a hat on my head messing my hair up!  🙂  And since they are double thickness they keep your ears so warm also!  Let me know what you think! 

Have a wonderful night!